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Real Estate Customized

We built our business on providing more value to our customers.

Selling a Home with the Gents

Make selling your home easy. Two simple packages.

  • 4 %
    Straight-Tie Package

    Save money with no long term commitments.
    4% Commission.

  • 6 %
    Bow-Tie Package

    Full-service for max buyers.
    6% Commission.

Home Value: $1,000,000
Drag the slider to change value.

Buying a Home with the Gents

  • Online search and other tools for easy home buying.

  • Experienced Agents with processes that make the buying.

  • Using our processes can help anyone build a quality home.

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Property Gents

Property Gents

Property Gents, LLC

Our office is located at 5600 Tennyson Parkway #135.
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