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We formed the Property Gents Group when we realized there was no measurable difference in what agents provide home sellers in today’s market place. With 89% of homes selling through the MLS, the best marketing any real estate agent can do for you is provide a good online listing. Most agents still charge sellers 6% (3% Buyers Agent/ 3% Listing Agent) of the final sales price and do little more than post a listing, put a lockbox on your door, and a sign in your yard. With this in mind we created listing packages designed to help sellers save money with our 4% listing or bring tremendous value with our 6% listing to help you sell faster and for the most money.

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We have a growing team passionate about people, technology, and real estate. Want to become a Gent? Give us a call to learn more.

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Property Gents

Property Gents

Property Gents, LLC

Our office is located at 5600 Tennyson Parkway #135.
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